Most of the time we cry we want to get married and in such times we lack wisdom to be able to. The following are the wisdom you need to apply to be able to survive the wedding day and there after. Enjoy!

1.We want to get married, but no money! Common cry!
2. If you don’t smartly approach the issue, you may wrongly delay your marital plan because of money!
3. The reason why a lot of people will stay single for longer is that they want to marry like Debola or Catherine when they are Jerica! Oyinkansola
4. You must appreciate that we can’t all have the same kind of occasion especially because we can’t all afford the same type!
5. Having my wedding in a less expensive fashion than another person’s doesn’t mean my destiny is less than theirs!
6. If I want to have a decent journey at my wedding I must pay attention to the interplay of our desires vis-a-vis our capacity!
7. You won’t have everything you once desired about getting married and that’s not lack of faith, it is wisdom to accept that and be content with what you are able to muster!
8. Once you begin to hold unto some fantasies at all costs, you become inconsiderate and lose focus!
9. People involved in the wedding process will put burdens on you that you must decline! Marriage is ahead!
10. Make a list of what you want but can’t afford at this time, then begin to appreciate and polish what you can afford!
11. 3 assets: What can we afford? What can our faith afford? What can our supporters afford?

  1. If you don’t cut the spirit of competition against other wedding standards, you may be single for longer!
    13. This is your chance to begin your economic synergy! This period of consideration and reconsideration will tell you if you are economically compatible
    14. What is the most important part of a wedding? ‘Getting joined’ not the occasion that follow. Don’t lose sight of this!
    15. Do not let the cost of the wedding keep you away from the marriage! Marriage isn’t as expensive because it is one day a time and you can live it to plan!
    16. You don’t want to feed us on ‘credit’ and start your marriage in financial crisis when we have all returned home
    17. As far as the two of you agree on what you can afford, whoever can’t attend ‘such a low occasion’ should sign a Cheque or get lost!
    18. No matter what you do some people will still not get or have enough rice at your wedding! Chill
    19. God will not refuse to recognize your union because the cake wasn’t a particular size or if the ring isn’t pure gold!
    20. ‘He must engage me with diamond…marry me with gold! Babe, you are too cheap! Marriage is more expensive than those!
    21. Make sure you make the best of what you can afford! Wisdom doesn’t mean insensitive! Be smart with your ability
    22. Only grave digging begins at the top! Let the wedding be a starting point upward; don’t kill yourself to make it an end!
    23. Stay unified especially in Nigeria, a lot ‘uncles& Aunties’ will try to hold the remote control of your wedding!
  2. My lady, I speak to you square and clear! You are not about to be bought, if you could choose him, support him!
    25. Make a budget, know your limits! Know your strengths. Basically Plan nothing is above a couple that is unified by a plan!
    26. You need to plan early if your economic might is not heavy!
    Time affords you opportunity to strategize!
    27. When wedding is ahead, listen to each other more than family and friends on priorities because you two know your desires, priorities, fantasies and limits!
    28. Your wedding will not be the poorest neither will it beat Princess Diana’s
    Just make it your own!
    29. Own the process! Let each of you stand up to defend each other in your own family! Never criticize your spouse to be with them!
    30. Very soon nobody will remember your wedding! Some people will even forget the attended it! Don’t do it merely to impress
    31. Do you realize we are happier when we are true to our heart? Love your own occasion; contentment is a great way to start marriage!
    32. I am not trying to rob you the beauty of the wedding; I am simply calling on you to be considerate with your capacity so that you can enjoy what you can make
    33. Amplify your ‘to be’ spouse’s effort in the face of your family! Your family will soon start perceiving him the way your present him!
  3. Don’t follow a guy who wants to ‘marry you by faith’ when he has not clearly told you how much he has cash and how much precisely he is trusting God for! It must be totally an open process!
    35. Don’t beg but learn the strategy of asking! You will need support, package yourself and receive it with honour!
    36. One way to get great support is to give some key people benefit of knowing early, get your plan on their budget and schedule!
    37. Pay visits, go with wine! People love to support what honours them!
    38. One of your greatest achievement is to spend your first night together happy! Too many couple are bitter on that night because of wedding disagreements and conflicts! Stay united through the process! Do not allow money or bills or fantasies make you insist on what you can negotiate, until minor issues escalate to mega fires!
    39. When you meet some tough moments and a tear or two drops, look up to God, adjust whatever can be quickly adjusted. Keep moving, key is, nothing should steal your motivation, not even bills!
    40. Sincerely, in the plan you will meet some anxious moments! Dead no money ends but remember all of us who got married beat it anyway! Kill some bills by letting go of the ‘let-go-Ables’ and make sacrifices where you need to!
    41. My lady, it is not desperation to spend your money on the wedding! Spend it all as far as you picked a responsible man!
    42. Expensive doesn’t mean ‘best’
    Make the best of what you can afford!




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