Rev. (Dr.) Chris Tunde Joda Senior / Founding Pastor of Voice of Faith Ministries is a man on fire for God, his natural love for humanity birthed in him the deep desire to be a medical doctor, a dream which he set about and pursued faithfully and concertedly.
God, however, had a greater plan of using him not only to heal men’s physical bodies but to also make men totally whole by healing them spiritually, emotionally and financially. Being led by God to appreciate the enormity of this vision, he laid aside his medical profession and took up the mantle of Leadership of the vibrant and upwardly mobile church now known as Christ Chapel International Churches.
Dr Joda has been used of God to teach the word of faith with passion and conviction, revealing the truth and power of God’s word that has affected this generation and also laid a foundation for generations to come. He is constantly teaching and training believers to take their place in Christ and to exercise their authority.
Dr Joda is a Pastor of Pastors, he conducts Leadership training programmes and trains Pastors for the work of the ministry, he works tirelessly at coaching his flock to be rooted and grounded in the word of faith, know who they are in Christ and to enforce the victory of Christ in their lives and circumstances.
Also selflessly traveling thousands of miles yearly, he has deposited untold amounts of spiritual truths into hundreds of believers in the nation and nations around the world. As a result Christ Chapel members can be found around the globe taking their place in the body of Christ, being strong and doing exploits for God with established Churches and their own ministries to the glory of God and affecting their communities.
His calling and gifting as a practical teacher of the word with signs and wonders following has opened several doors of preaching engagements for him around the world. He is a regular speaker at several international conventions and Christmas gatherings and camp meetings especially in the United State of America.
He is widely traveled and is very well appreciated in Christian circles and he has attracted and invited countless international Ministers to Nigeria to minister both at our Churches’ Annual Camp Meeting programme and also in other churches to be a blessing to the body of Christ in Nigeria.
Rev. Dr. Tunde Joda has for several years been pioneering several philanthropic projects and programmes, like the “Feed the Poor” programme, the Prisons outreach and the TV outreach programme. With every sense of modesty Rev. Dr. Tunde Joda remains a very humble, modest and priceless general in God’s army in Nigeria.


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