Sometimes am asked why do you write about ladies,women in general all the time and i answer by saying am a male and so its easy to write about the opposite sex and majorly because more often than not, the ladies are the ones that suffer most in all. So the following are several question ladies need to ask before considering him

1. Why me? Sounds like a no-brainer question until you realize that some men have answered this question with “…because I LOVE the way you pound yam” or ‘…because I have been saying I will marry a Calabar girl and you came along…’ Or the classic answer, ‘…because everyone around me is getting married and the pressure is up for me too…’ Sisters, this is a very important question. Out of the billions of women in the world, why you? Because the answer to that question will sustain the marriage long after the honeymoon period is over. If he doesn’t give you a good answer, let him go please.

2.Do I know him well enough? No, we don’t mean LONG enough but WELL enough. That you date/court for years doesn’t mean you know the person well enough, especially if the major discussions you have are centered on frivolities.  Is he your FRIEND? Is he free to be himself around you? Are you also free enough to discus anything with him? You need to build friendship with him as friendship will guarantee a deeper knowledge of the man and sustain the marriage in the long run.

3. Are we compatible? Amos 3:3 says Can two walk together except they be agreed.
Are you two thinking alike? Does his life vision differ radically from yours? Can you truly be a help meet, someone ‘suitable and adaptable’ to him? Not every guy is compatible with you even if he too is a born-again Christian. You need to check compatibility first.

4. When? Yes, when do you want to marry me? The proposal was romantic: Candles, flowers, chocolates, and a diamond ring, the complete works. But a wise woman still needs to find out when exactly he intends to walk you down the aisle so that you know if his timing fits with yours before you agree to marry him. Courtship should not go on forever.

Other questions are

5. Is he responsible? Can he PRESIDE over the family as the head indeed? Or is he a mommy’s boy? Can he PROVIDE for you and the family? Can he PROTECT you from anybody and anything you need protection from?

6. Who are his influences? You have to submit to this man. You need to be sure that he has the right influences around him guiding his actions.

7. Is he born again? Ladies, you can’t compromise on this one. There are no guarantees on a man that is not born again.

So there you have it. The 7 questions wise women ask. Space constrains us to give you all the details, but the good news is you can get some of my soft copy on a request because soon i mean very soon we will publish our books for all to digest.


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