Joses Hizkiah is the helmsman of Unfailing Life Int’l Ministry. He is an itinerant minister and travels around as a conference speaker and teacher. He is sent to restore order and due process in the body of Christ [Isaiah 58:12]. He is also into leadership ministry known as “aggos aflame” [Flamining up the leaders]. He organises Holy Ghost Conferences called the “Pneuma Touch” [Touch of the Spirit]. He is married to Oluwatoyin Hizkiah who is also a minister of God. They are blessed with children..  Joses Hizkiah is prolific writer and teacher of the Word of God. Seasoned prophetic mantle to type the season with the counsel of God. He has written twenty one books and still writing to the glory of God. Recently set with the apostolic mantle to set foundation of many nations on the solid rock Christ and a repairer of the breech.

Leadership Ministry based on Isaiah 58:12 as a repairer of the breech. Set to disciple the nations so that those from among us will spread the good news all over the world. We were appointed to teach the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and raise up leaders in nations of the world. Our book ministry touches on the whole counsel of God and have published 21 books to date. We are mission minded and believe strongly that the season for reformation has come in the body of Christ. We preach and teach Christ and the authenticity of the Cross, resurrection and power of God.

Operate as spiritual head in manning the Holy Ghost training school, itinerant ministry, book publications and training the trainers. As helmsman we hoist the ship but allow it to be driven by the wind of the Spirit so that we are led by Him in all facets of life and ministry.



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