The latest gist on the RCCG pastor killed in Kubwa is that an Imam has been arrested by the police.
The Imam said that he ordered some boys in the mosque to scare Mrs Olawale away from preaching near the mosque but
according to him, those Islamic boys took the law into their hand and stoned the woman to death.
The Imam told the police that he never ordered the boys to kill the christian preacher but that he only sent them to chase the
woman away.
Right now, six suspects are in the custody of the police over the murder of Mrs Eunice Olawale.
First, it was the murder of the IMO State woman in Kano, then the murder of Chukwuebuka in Minna, now the violence has
shifted to people from the yoruba states.
Despite the fact that the preacher is a yoruba and the yorubas seems to have an alliance with the Hausas in this Buhari govt,
yet she was murdered in cold blood.
But we talk am, dey no wan hear.
Religion of peace.
This is a people that wasted 40 days or 30 starving themselves for the ramadan.
The Imam that chased that harmless woman away, is he the owner of the mainroad that the woman was standing to preach?
What exactly did the Imam do to stop the useless boys from stoning the woman to death when he saw that they were no longer
doing what he told them to do? As an Imam, he surely had influence over the boys and could have stopped the killing if he had
wanted to.
And the useless people that were sent to chase the woman away wey go kill am, where did they learn this violence.
Since they were from that useless mosque, is it not the Imam that thought them how to kill?
What exactly was the Imam teaching those useless murderers in that his useless mosque.
The time has come for the government to monitor what those people teach their adherents in that their murderous dens called
But I know that the govt would do nothing of that sort, afterall, are they not in power?
It is a pity.


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