Many ladies are out there looking for Mr Right. The men too are looking for Miss Right. For you to see a Mr Right as a lady you must become one yourself first. You attract who you are and not what you want. If you want a godly man become godly first. If you want a caring, loving and palatable man, you must become a caring, loving and palatable lady. You only receive who you are. As a lady if you want to be treated as a queen you must see him and treat him as a King over you and this goes to men too, I see my husband as my King not because it’s normal but because he started the treatment, he treats me as his Queen and that automatically makes him my king….
Treat him like a boy or a beggar, he will show you pepper. Men love respect and submission. Give it to him even if he does not deserve it. Submission is key! Now submission for a single does not mean washing his clothes or sweeping his house even when you are not yet married to him. That is slavery! That is allowed in marriage but not in courtship. So to marry a teacher, be a teacher’s material. To marry a pastor, equip yourself as a pastor’s wife. Believe me you will never see a man or woman who is One hundred percent very good. No way! Become who you want him or her to become…
Most men want an angel as a lady. To marry an angel, become the heaven Angels are to live in because they don’t live here on earth…you attract who you are, simple! If you show a woman pepper she will give you hot pepper in return…if you show her love and care she will make you her honey forever. A woman you call stupid, useless, idiot, ignoramus can never be useful to you. Women love to be called by their pet names. Treating them as queens, make them treat you as a king.



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