Prof Oluwagbemiga said men can boost their fertility if they embrace a simple therapy: eat more goat meat and foods that contain different nutrients to boost their potency.

Eating goat meat aids solve the problem of low sperm count.

The professor of applied zoology, Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara state, gave the advice at the annual lecture of the National Association of Zoology Students, University of Ilorin on Friday, May 13.

Oluwagbemiga, who cautioned Nigerians against feeding too much on junk foods, said the advice was necessary because many people were deficient in calcium.

He said inadequate calcium in the body could adversely affect how peoples’ hearts and other vital parts of the body worked or functioned.

Stressing the need for people to increase their calcium in-take by eating crayfish, snails and biscuit bones, Mr. Oluwagbemiga said this was one of the ways to stay healthy.

The varsity don, who was speaking on the topic “Relevance of Zoology in Contemporary Nigeria” said zoologists had been involved in solving some of the nation’s complex health problems in recent times including the effects of guinea worm infection, sleeping sickness and mosquito bites.

The Kwara state’s commissioner for information and communications, Mahmud Ajeigbe, praised the students for organising the lecture, and urged them to face their studies at all times to realise the objectives of their being set to school.

Mr. Ajeigbe also charged them to cultivate the habit of reading widely in order to broaden their knowledge and excel in all fields of human endeavours.



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