How important is foreplay in marriage?

How important is foreplay in marriage?
It plays a critical role. Foreplay, or petting, is using the
hands, lips, mouth, or tongue to help cause such sexual
excitement that the next logical step is sexual
intercourse, which continues to the point of orgasm.
Since foreplay naturally leads to sexual intercourse, it
must be restricted to married persons.
A healthy husband often gets a full erection and is
ready for sexual intercourse while watching his wife
get undressed. As a rule, a wife needs more foreplay
than this.
Husbands, here is a cardinal rule for you regarding
foreplay: never insert your penis into your wife’s
vagina until she asks you to do so . Continue to kiss,
stroke, caress, and fondle her until she not only
permits penile insertion, she demands it!
Wives, here is the corollary of your husband’s rule:
never let your husband insert his penis until you are so
sexually aroused you can’t stand to wait another
second for intercourse to begin . When you both follow
these simple rules, your sex life will be more likely to
be mutually satisfying.
Of course there is an exception to every rule and there
is one for the penis insertion rule as well. There may
be times when the wife is temporarily incapable of
sexual arousal to the point of demanding sexual
intercourse. This may be caused by fatigue, stress, or a
minor illness. At such a time, the wife may elect to
allow her husband to insert his penis while knowing
full well that no amount of foreplay before insertion,
or thrusting after insertion, will bring her to orgasm.
When this situation is the exception and the wife offers
this privilege in loving consideration for her husband’s
need of sexual release, there is no problem.
You may have heard of a husband raping his wife. The
clinical definition of marital rape is the husband
inserting his penis without his wife’s permission. This
can only happen when communication is absent in a
marriage that lacks mutual love, respect, and free-
flowing communication about sexual matters.


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