Why Do Some Men Delay Marriage Or Are Just Afraid

Why Do Some Men Delay Marriage Or Are Just Afraid of Marriage? Know This Before You Get Stuck
One of the things that surprise women is that after having gone steady with a guy for several years, he still isn’t ready to get married. Most women fall into that ghastly thought that they are not good enough, but guys have other reasons that they never share with their partners. Here are some of the most common reasons of guys steering clear of wedding bells.
1. He is dealing with related unresolved issues.
His parents probably divorced when he was a kid, and he had a difficult time growing up with a broken family. Or, he had been married once, and it turned out badly, ending up in a brutal divorce. These life-changing events can cause anyone a great deal of trauma. They are like ghosts from his past. If this is the problem (although he won’t admit it), a counselor or a therapist could help him deal with his issues maturely.
2. He’s got other priorities.
Many guys want to finish courses in college or graduate school first. Others would like to earn a promotion at work, or start a small business successfully. And still some guys would like to earn enough to buy their own house, car, gargets and other properties. These guys think that a marriage could hamper their plans, because then they’d have to share everything with their partner.
3. He doesn’t see himself with one sex partner forever.
Yes, there’s that fear. Some men successfully get through this thought and make their marriages work out, but others just haven’t had the courage to face this reality yet. This is the one time to believe the “It’s not you, it’s me” line. As long as you are giving him everything he needs in moderation, and if you know his buttons to press, there won’t be any issue to worry about on your end.
4. He isn’t sure of his gender preferences.
Let’s admit it – more and more guys are now coming out of the closet, after years of relationships with women. One foolproof reason a guy can’t commit to marriage is because he doesn’t know if he wants a wife, or a husband, or if he wants to spend his life being single, so he can enjoy both.
5. He cannot commit to being Prince Charming.
Girls think of marriage as a magical means to ending all problems. Unfortunately, this is what scares guys. They are afraid that they may not meet expectations, and that they can’t make their partner’s problems magically disappear. Girls have unresolved issues too – huge debts and bills to pay, daddy or mummy issues, brothers and sister bills, temper tantrums, and so on. Girls think that marriage is the solution, but guys know it isn’t.
6. He’s been listening to too many stories.
His best friend got married, but is now chained to a non-stop nagger. His boss is married and is philandering, and casually tells him that all married guys do it. Guys in his group, club either are divorced, or having marriage issues. And then, there’s the friend of the cousin of the colleague’s uncle whose troubled marriage caused him to go crazy. While you can’t help what he hears, it’s always the strength of the relationship that matters most.
7. He isn’t ready to surrender his freedom.
That’s just it. He isn’t ready. He is not ready to stay home with one person and help out in the kitchen when he wants to go out and hang around with his friends. He’s not ready to lose freedom over what he eats, because he knows his wife will be preparing those healthy meals that don’t really appeal to him.
He’s not ready to give up his weekends to be beside a hormonally-driven, depressed wife. And if he isn’t ready for all the commitment that comes along with marriage, it’s probably best to wait it out and not force him to it.


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