A relationship is like sailing in the ocean. There will be time it is sunny and calm, other time it is dark and stormy. It needs both your partner and yourself to work together to make sure your boat survives all that. Now argument is one of the biggest causes that can rock even the most stable and perfect relationships. It is impossible for two different people to always agree on everything. We are all unique, with our own opinions and ways of thinking. Avoiding and overcoming arguments is one of the key points to save a relationship.
If you are in a relationship where arguments are part of your daily routine, you know exactly how tiring it is. It could even make you wonder why you are together at the first place. Arguments that happen too often not only have destructive effects on your emotions, they also put a lot of stress in the relationship. There are a few tips that could help you avoid arguments with your man.
1. Ignore small, unimportant things. Sometimes he gets tired from work. Sometimes he feels a bit unwell. Sometimes he just doesn’t feel like doing certain things. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, or that he tries to annoy you. If you want perfection, you shouldn’t be in a relationship at all because as we all know it, nobody is perfect.
2. Talk about a problem with cool head. When a problem arises, don’t just snap into it with hot head. People tend not to think clearly when their emotions are involved. Just leave it until both of you are calm and relax. Then discuss the issue maturely. Almost every problem will have a solution that is acceptable to both.
3. Accept your man for who he is. You know what sort of person he is. You know his characteristics, his good and bad sides. If you decide to stick around with him, you need to accept him the whole package. Love is all about compromise. Accept that there will be different views and not everything you can both agree on.
4. Know when to keep quiet. Sometimes he may say something rude or unpleasant because he was angry or annoyed. Most likely he doesn’t mean what he says. It is human nature with their spurts of emotions. It is best not to return with more hurting remarks because it will just lead to pointless arguments. Once he has calmed down, let him know how his words has made you feel. A gentle approach will help him remember to control his words the next time.
Too many arguments can easily shake a relationship to the point of a break up. If you are breaking up or on the brink of a break up because of quarrels, you need to seriously analyse your relationship. Take your time to do these important steps to get back on your feet. Then you will have the right mindset to make your relationship work.


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