A dream is a vision of the future of what you want to become,or how you want your life,business,home or family to be. It could be within a given period,or an Indefinite time period.
It could be described as a goal of which is object of effort or ambition. It is a vision of something which you imagine to become,or imagine will happen. A vision is a dream.
A dream is a picture painted and carried in the mind until it is fulfilled.
1.if you can’t define what you want,you can’t find it.
2.if you can’t describe what you want,you will not discover it.
3.if you don’t know what you want,how do you know when you get it?
4.if you don’t know your destination,you will never make a departure.
5.Dreams give focus.
6.if you don’t know where you want to be,you will never leave where you are.
7.The me I see is the me I will be.

1.WRITE your dreams and make it plain on paper.
2.Verbalize your dreams. Share it. Get as many people involved in your  dreams but not be careful who you share with.
3.Have a strong desire for the actualization of your dream. I.e there must be keen and definite desire for your to see your dream come to pass.
4.Believe in your dream. It means you must believe your dream can be achieved.
5.Verbalize your dream come true. It means you need to if you can see it with your mind,it will happen one day with the help of God.
6. Be determined to succeed
7. Be dedicated to your dream. Work hard at achieving your dream.
8. Be disciplined
9. Develop  a wining  attitude. It deals with how a person thinks and believes. I.e make a mental and spiritual commitment to the dream.
10. You need to be patient for you dreams to reality.



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