One may wonder why sexual immorality thrives in the church and goes at most so unnoticed among the congregation of the peoples and church members. there are a lot of reasons , factors, and doorways for this demons who are subtle, crafty and lewd that they enter into the church unnoticed.
1)WORLDLINESS IS THE FIRST DOORWAY. the members or ministers who encourage all forms of worldly dressing would inspire all forms of sexual demons and give a good field day of operation in the church leading all the members into sin by the liberty that the false pastors give them.those who see their expressions, characters and behaviors would ow be attracted to them and such churches for a negative reason than positive(to serve god). the church that employs and enacts all forms of fashionable advertisements a which are not led by the spirit of god would encourage crowds of all dicks and harry that are sexually active. a church that the false pastors say that it’s not appearance that matters but your heart would invite all the likes of harlots, prostitutes,fornicators, adulterers and adulteress into the church and give the agents of darkness a good field ground to operate and kill the real sheep of god who wants to serve god.we must be warned of what the bible says in James 4:4 and 1st john 2:15-18 .
2)NO DELIVERANCE MINISTRY-a church does not carry out deliverance ministry or does not accept the the lord Jesus Christ carries out deliverance in the whole of marks gospel would give agents of darkness a good field operation to carry out and dish out their acts of sexual immorality.these agents would infiltrate the church throughout their deceptive mode(at first dress like real christian sisters and join the choir)immediately they enter with their religious spirit and they come to the pastor and deceive him then they would make him fall into the sin of fornication or adultery.once this happens such a true fire brand preacher would now change his sermon and begin to preach that members of the church can dress anyhow,have liberty in Christ and that it’s not their appearance that matters but their heart.whereas, this move would further promote lusts, adultery,seduction, sexual harassment, embarrassment and rape.the agents of the darkness would now remove their camouflage and manifest their real color once they have finished alluring the true sheep of god according to their sinful ways.once they succeed in draining the anointing of the true minister’s then they would turn them into nonentity.they would blind them spiritually, and quench the spirit of prayer in them amini skirt bannednd finally seduce them into lust and fornication 18:18-19.once this happens it would scatter the church, news of sexual immorality would spread like wildfire.revelation 2:19-23,Matthew 12:28,Matthew 10:1-14,Mathew 15:22-28,proverbs 6:23-29.these agents would cause the youths who truly want to serve god to fall and imitate their fashionably led ways and turn away form god.-Isaiah 3:16-end.there would be spiritual coldness and it would cause division and strive.
3)PURE AND IMPURE HEART-the world has changed now and a lot of thoughts now linger in the minds of the true false children of god. one things is that in the churches nowadays, opposite sexes who are not careful can be deceived because of what one of them would think in an impure the 70s and 80s ,christian youth brothers and sisters would walk together, go tho their houses for fellowship and prayer with totally pure minds and not with passions, lust, sinful led motives and not with jealousy and secretiveness op the mind to seduce themselves. however, such cannot be said today in these modern days when things have taken a different turn. a christian brother who has a pure heart and is talking to a christian sister must be careful of touching her in any form and vice versa. this is because those especially the women being the weaker vessel can be laden with sinful and lustful emotion in that single touch and it can inspire a serious fire of passion and lustful motive.once this things starts then such ones who have seducing spirit would not want to leave such spirits. they would always be using such to attract, control and dominate such christian brothers in action and reactions.that christian brother would be sexually oppressed and not be able to pray or resist temptations. they would discover that they feel like having sex with such christian sisters or feel like to marry them. once this takes place and they marry , they would fail and discover that they did not truly love themselves and that is how the marriages would fail.the bible says it is not good for a man to touch a woman,this refers to when one is still single.touch in this form may be in form of playing.once it continues then the weaker vessel who is the woman will be having a mind that the christian brother is her husband and wants to marry her and her marry him. Once the devil succeeds in planting his thought , then the weaker one would try all methods not loose the christian brother.this happens out of jealousy. if the woman sees that he is talking to another girl , then she would be jealous.In such cases such women or girls have seducing spirits and they center it on their targets(man or woman they lust after to make them fall) so as to dominate them, quench the fire of god in their lives and then drain the power of god.such ones would always want the brother to say he loves them and vice versa.James 1:13-15,Jeremiah 4:26-30,Isaiah 3:16-end, 2nd timothy 2;9, James 4:5.such ones would not know the meaning of such cases if such a christian brother is now discerning such signs, he or she would begin to pray against the spirit of lust and seduction in that christian sister or brother and bind and loose the spirit form him.
4)LACK OF DISCERNMENT-today, a lot of Christians are continuously deceived by their expectations of what they want god to do for them than what they need. Satan and his demons falsify miracles according to people’s expectation and what they want. if you are the type that is looking for miracles, signs and wonders, gifts of the spirits, christian sister’s and brother’s to sing and dance as you want then you will be deceived when your wants instead of your needs are met.if you are the type that is always looking for a show of the power of god and many answers to prayers in your own way and not relying on god’s power and answers to prayers with patience then you will get a deception form the devil because demons and Satan give people power and what they want so as to encourage the person to be sowing off, living in self contentedness, pride and deceit and to be in self destruction.a true christian rely on the lord at all times, is dependent on him, has no power of wants but believes that god can supply all his or her needs and at the appointed time not what they want. no human can control the power of god.this is where the devil is being defeated because demon possessed ones think that by showing their power they can hurt the people of god. but they loose because Satan and his demons and agents in human flesh cannot touch the people of god or real Christians unless the lord Jesus Christs or god permits or allows it. we must not be always wanting god or forcing god to answer our problems.we must test and try every spirit in our church or every minister.-1st john 4:1-6,i john 5:9-endsome people have spirits of divination and familiar spirits that imitate the spirit of god.god allows them to test his true children whether they would be carried away by such acts of the false religious ones who are agents of Satan.acts 8:7-25,acts 13:6-13,acts 16:16-18.
5)IGNORANCE AND LACK OF WISDOM 4:6,Ephesians 4:30,acts 7:51.any church that rejects visions of who people are and do not believe in prophecy would give immorality spirit a great operating field to destroy the church.we must not drive out the holy spirit or quench him out of the church by our personal idols, ways of doing things, things we do that are not scriptural and personal favoritism to other knowing that god is not partial.
6)WRONG COUNSEL AND ADVISE TO THE YOUTHS-any advise form false ministers that is just supporting all sinful acts, decisions of getting married without asking or knowing the mind of the lord and seeking god’s face first is sinful. any form of doctrine, message or any form of sermon that just denies the practice of holiness and righteousness and denies the holy spirit and godliness and patience and encourages passiveness, inability to resist the devil and sexual acts is all doctrines of error.any form of doctrine that says its the heart that matters and not appearance is a false doctrine.Matthew 23:5-30,Matthew 24:23-27.



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