Social media is a gift and a curse. Anyhow you look at it,
you cannot deny that social media has far-reaching
benefits for corporate and individual brands just as it has
its problems, particularly in the way it affects personal
relationships between partners.
In aspects of information and spreading them with ease
and within the quickest time possible, social media has to
be one of the strongest tools out in the world today.
But more often, people make a mistake in aspects of what
should go out on these social platforms as they go about
spilling details of what should be a private affair between
them and their partners. The result of this is often a break
up in the relationships or equally similar issues that could
have been better handled or avoided altogether if they
remained as private as they ought to be.
Many individuals are lost today because they don’t know
when to keep quiet or keep their private affairs off public
glare. But they will be fine in the end. They will be fine
because they will get everything they are looking for when
they get bitten by the fangs of social media.
A lot of people will never agree that their affairs ought to
be kept out of the public, and so this is bound to generate
a bit of debate here and there.
But while you deliberate on whether to keep yours private
or in full glare of the public, below are five reasons why
social media could be harmful to your relationships today:
1. It Is Your Private Life – Hence, you need to keep it
exactly as private as it should be. You see, people have a
natural tendency to jump to conclusions especially in
matters that concern two lovers, and the more you put out
pictures, videos and innuendoes, the more likely you help
deduce the actual status of the affair. And bear in mind
that things will not always be rosy in the affair, so it is
more advisable to keep things under wraps.
2. Two Is Just Right – An ideal relationship is made for
two persons and nothing more. Anything more than that
makes it more of a public affair than it is private. And you
really do not want the dramas that come with the fame,
because, trust me it is not something anyone can deal
with when the heat goes up.
3. Jealousy Can Ruin Everything – Putting your personal
life and relationships out there gives everyone the power
to access and assess the relationship, a situation which is
bound to breed envy and jealousy from outsiders,
especially admirers. You sure don’t want this happening to
your relationship.
4. You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Holds – A split up is
not always pre-planned. Something and anything can lead
to a break up and the fact that the entire world already
knows you and your partner are in a relationship makes it
messier going separate ways. Hence, it is advised that
people keep their relationships off the internet.
5. Publicity Is Bad For Love And Relationships – As
unusual as this sounds, the media is actually like poison
for many a healthy relationship today. This is the reason
many prefer their private stuff well tucked away from the
media. If in doubt, check your favourite celebrities today
and see how far the media has affected their love affairs.
Publicity is amazing for showbiz but terribly bad for our
private lives.
In this light, it is also imperative to keep ones romantic
affairs off the view of everyone on social media. Some
things are meant to not be observed and seen by all,
intimate relationships are one of these things.
Remember, keep your relationship private, but not a


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