Ways 2 Keep the Passion Alive in Your Relationship

Want to keep the excitement and romance in a long term
relationship? The key is to treat it like a new romance!
Here are some tips:
1. Hold hands, hug and give quick kisses often
Nothing is as good for the soul and the emotional health
of a person as the human touch. It keeps a connection
and closeness, no matter what we are doing. An
enthusiastic hug uplifts us, a quick kiss says “glad to
see you”.
2. Show your love in small ways
Leave a love note on partner’s pillow, stuck in a purse,
briefcase or a book he’s reading. Bring home a special
treat you know your partner likes. Text, call or email him
to say, “I’m thinking of you.” Sometimes the little gestures
make the biggest impression.
3. Shake things up
Break through the “I’m so bored” barrier that often
plagues long-term relationships by learning something or
doing something new together. Sharing activities of
mutual interest is the glue that makes relationship work
and create happiness.
4. Be generous with praise
Say “thank you,” offer a hug, pay your partner a
compliment. When you feel grateful for the good things in
your life, you attract more of those good things to you.
5. Create intimate time
Before rushing out the door in a frenzy in the morning, get
up one hour earlier and share breakfast in bed, read an
inspirational passage aloud, or go for an early morning
walk. At the end of the day, instead of plunking down in
front of the TV or computer, give each other a massage,
take a shower together or do something novel like reading
erotic literature out loud.
6. Communicate clearly, honestly and frequently
Talking to each other is one of the main tools we use to
connect with each other. When we extend ourselves and
let our partner know who we are, what we need and how
we feel, we open the doors to greater intimacy.
7. Make love often and with passion
Make the intimate part of your relation a high priority.
Take time to “make love” rather than just have sex. Use
candles, perfume, or whatever you like.
8. Keep others out of your relationship
Friends and family could turn on your partner and get in
the middle of your relationship. Want to protect your love?
Keep others out of it!
9. The main rule: always choose LOVE!



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