1. I can’t Woo a Guy
Personally speaking and generally summarizing, ladies who
utter this statements are somewhat childish and are bereft
of what relationship entails. They are full of over-bloated
ego and pompous not knowing that a lady is expected to
always smile; be friendly and polite to guys that approach
her and also respect their courage to have made an
approach. Being friendly does not mean that you are a flirt
and cheap to get. Though, we all know that it sounds
absurd for a lady to walk up to a random guy on the
street and start wooing him. But it is not a crime for a
lady to tell a dude that she likes his clothings and the
smell of his perfume. This is the first element of starting a
convo. I know that some will even say that “God forbid I
do that”. Don’t let pride and over-bloated ego land you in
2. I can’t Marry a Man with Small Joystick
The Bible says that everything God has made is
marvelously and wonderfully made , so why condemn
God’s creature?. Even here,you will
discriminating against guys whose joysticks are very
small. Whether it is 1.5 or 2.5 inches, it doesn’t matter at
all. The search of big joystick normally land our ladies in
late marriage.
3. I can’t Date a Jobless Guy
In Nigeria, ladies are naturally favoured and most times
find it easier to secure jobs, unlike their male counterparts
who face a lot in the labour market. Being jobless is not a
stigma and does not make a man worthless or useless, so
why should a lady make an outright discrimination against
dudes who passed through the four walls of tertiary
institutions and can’t find jobs afterwards?. Ladies who
utter this myopic/discriminatory statement against jobless
dudes, lack rational thinking, which normally land many of
them in late marriage
4. I can’t Manage with any Man
Barely would you find a lady that’s ready to stick to a
man through thick and thin. Though life is all about
standard and our standard is based on our discretion.
Some will say “I can’t mary a guy staying in a self contain
apartment”; “I can’t marry a guy who earns less than
200,000” per month; “he has just one car,,its even a
Camry sef..if it were to be Range Rover, I would have
managed it “Personally, my interest in a lady dwindles the
moment she says she can’t manage with a man but an
already made man. Evidence has it that ladies who often
utter this statement, at the end of the day, settle down for
5. My Husband must be Tall, Handsome, Chubby, etc
For God’s sake, stopping being misled by Nollywood
movies. Stop searching for a tall, handsome and men with
six packs. This will not put food on the table. Of course,
those qualities are okay but these unrealistic pictures of
dark, tall, chubby and handsome dudes may keep you
waiting unnecessarily; these men may not even come and
ask for your hand in marriage and before you know it, you
are already 37 years old.. So be wise; if you find a kind
hearted man that truly loves you and that gives you peace
and happiness, don’t hesitate to marry him. It doesn’t
matter if your husband is as short as Wristbangle,
Ronald4lif or Lalasticlala abeg na joke ooooo
6. I can’t wash my Husband’s clothes
I was astonished when I heard a lady saying she’s not a
maid and definitely can’t wash her husband’s clothes. On
a very serious note, no guy in his right sense of reasoning
will walk down the aisle with a lady of this absurd
mentality. She’s certainly not ready for marriage.
7. I don’t take Nonsense
Some ladies have bad character and are known as miss
no-nonsense in their locality; they cannot relate well with
men; they disrespect their toasters anyhow, they shout at
their boyfriends, mothers and hostel mates anyhow; they
are quick to embarrass people whether they are right or
wrong. They are not married yet they will be saying how
they will thrash out their mother-in-laws who tries any
poo with them. Such ladies can only have boyfriends but
it will be quite difficult for them to have husbands. If you
display the aforementioned acts, men will only date you
because of sex, but will not marry you. Men will only date
you because you are beautiful and sexy and they will only
use you to calm their konji. But when it is time for him to
get married, they will dump you and choose another girl
that has a good character and well-cultured
8. I won’t Respect my Husband if I’m Richer than Him
Another myopic and irrational statement made by many
ladies. If we should go by this statement, does it mean
that a man should try to as much as possible to deprive
his wife from attaining greatness in life just because he
doesn’t want her to be richer than he is ? Ladies who
utter this statement are delusional in thinking, hence,
putting them in a position where they find it hard to find a
man that would settle down with them. These categories
of ladies will never bow for their husbands whether they
are richer or their husbands are richer.
9. I can’t marry a man who doesn’t work in Shell or
Yesterday, I felt so embarrassed when I was having a gist
with a lady and she said she can’t marry a man who
doesn’t earn up to 500k per month and I was like, you will
end up living the rest of your life in your parents’ house.
10. My Wedding must be an Elaborate one
Perhaps you have attended wedding ceremonies of friends
who lavished money like there’s no tomorrow. Mind you,
life is not a bed of roses. An elaborate wedding will not
guarantee a fulfilling life after marriage. Our parents didn’t
spend extravagantly on their wedding yet they are living to
reap the fruit of their endurance. This reminds me of a
lady who nearly stabbed my uncle to death just because
he said he wanted a low key and less extravagant


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