Every Woman Deserves These 4 Things From A Man

1. He’s Upfront With You

Here’s what I mean: he communicates directly with you and doesn’t try to hide anything or leave anything vague.

If you find yourself wondering what his intentions are – he’s not being a gentleman. A real man would communicate exactly what he’s looking for with you… and leave it up to you to decide what you think about it.

He should be honest, upfront, and straightforward about any issues between you. A man that communicates with his woman well is a man worth holding onto.

2. He Encourages You

One of the worst personality traits I’ve ever seen in a man is when they’re so insecure about having you that they feel like they have to degrade you and tear you down in order to keep you.

If he doesn’t encourage you and compliment you, why are you even with him?

A man should be someone who’s always there for you – who wants you to succeed and become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

If he’s not on board with that, why are you on board with him?

3. He Respects You

Honestly, this is so vital in your relationship.

If he’s a real man at all he’s going to demonstrate his respect for you in every interaction he has with you.

That means never belittling you. It means never putting you down or making you feel small.

It means thinking about your feelings before he says or does something – and if he fails at doing that, recognizing it and apologizing for his mistake.

Respect isn’t a gift, it’s not a special effort – it’s basic human decency. It’s your right to demand to be treated with respect. If he doesn’t it’s time to move on.

4. He’s Honest With You

This one is another super simple one.

Real relationships are built on mutual trust and honesty. Trust comes slowly, it’s built on repeated acts of loyalty and respect.

But honesty is straightforward.

Honesty means that he’s not going to lie to you. It means that he’s not going to put you in a position where you feel jealous or feel weird out by his behavior.

It means he’s going to extend the same trust and honesty to you that you extend to him.

This isn’t just something that’s important – it’s mandatory. If you can’t be honest and trust each other, what’s the point?

Regardless of whether you’re compatible, regardless of what kind of TV and movies he likes, regardless of whether you like the same kinds of food or not – these 4 qualities are mandatory in a man who has real potential.

If you want a relationship that lasts… a relationship that has the potential to stand the test of time, then you don’t just want these qualities in a man, you deserve them.

And when you find a man with them, you’ll discover that the superficial stuff about who likes what kind of whatever wasn’t ever that important in the first place.
P.S. It’s true, every woman deserves these 4 things from a guy, but if you’re not compatible with him, then the relationship won’t work out anyway.

Compatibility is the #1 most important predictor of relationship success between two people. If you’re compatible – you’re golden. If you’re not…



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