Secrets About Sex The Church IsHiding From You

In any sermon on marriage, you will hear the token
things when it comes to s*x. s*x is important for
an healthy marriage; some ministers will even teach
that Christian couples should be having better s*x
than those in the World. But, there are some s*xual
secrets you will rarely get from the pulpit. Here are
my top :
1. s*x was made for pleasure just as much as it
was made for procreation
God created our bodies with great intelligence which
means every function and capability comes with a

The indicator that God created s*x for more than
just procreation is the fact that both men and
women’s bodies have the ability to climax into an
climax. The climax experience is very healthy for
both men and women.
The fact that it is much more challenging for a
woman to attain an climax than a man shows
God’s intelligent design. When men pay closer
attention to their wives’ emotional needs, it results
in a stronger connection and ultimately a better
orgasmic experience.

2. Couples that schedule s*x have the most s*x.
Anything in life that matters whether it be work
meetings, your kid’s sports games, or your doctor’s
appointments all would be missed if its not written
down on a schedule.
When you schedule something you are giving it value and respect. Yet many couples refuse to schedule s*x.
Many will say that scheduling s*x reduces the spontaneity.
However, when you schedule s*x, schedule the minimum. This then leaves room for spontaneous night or morning.
By scheduling s*x in your relationship, you are
setting an expectation for when you will engage one
another intimately and this is a healthy lifeline for
your marriage.

3. Great s*x requires great foreplay.
There is no great s*x without amazing foreplay.
Foreplay, such as the following, can actually begin
before you get into the bedroom:
Text messages
Simple touches throughout the day Helping each other out with various tasks. All of these are examples of foreplay which increase longing and physical desire.

4. You should try to engage in at least 3 different
positions. Keep your s*x life spicy by trying out different
positions. Our dear friends gave us this amazing tip
from their s*x life: they engage in a minimum of 3
positions each time they are intimate and then
afterwards have pillow talk about their time
together. Wow!

5. The Only Limits Should be the Limits You Set
The question is always asked, “What is okay, and
what is not okay in the bedroom?” The answer to
that question is between you and your spouse.
There isn’t a one size fits all for what you can and
can’t do in your s*x life. As long as you and your
spouse both agree upon it and it brings you closer
together then have fun!
Let me caution you, however, that as believers we
must stay away from biblically offensive acts such
as  extra persons.
Oral s*x, various positions, and whatever else you
may question to try in your s*x life should be
discussed with your spouse to determine if its
something you want to incorporate. Just remember
that s*x is about serving one another at the highest
level, so enjoy one another no matter how you do it.

6. Be Creative to Eliminate s*x From Getting Mundane
Have fun with your s*x life.
You’re going to have to get creative in order to keep
or bring the spice. Rolling over and having s*x is
going to get boring after awhile.
Being creative can be a shared and rotated
One night the wife might be in charge and the next her
husband can flex his creative muscles.

7. Discuss Your s*xual Needs With Your Spouse
Communication is the key element for a great s*x life.
It is said that a great s*x life is like wine; it gets
better the older it gets.
You must be committed to making your s*x life one of
the best parts of your marriage. It will not happen
automatically. Discuss your needs, what requires
improvement, or how you can better serve each other.
These are all keys to remain focused on each other
and no one else. In the end you will happier, healthier,
and having more s*x! But you won’t hear that in


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