Three things you should be ready to do for
your man
Wives, submit yourselves unto your own
husbands, as unto the Lord. (Ephesians
5:22 KJV)
There are a few things you need to know
about men. Men have certain needs. When
a man had a relationship with God, he is
better able to handle those needs as it
relates to his fiancee or wife. What does a
man want? Let’s consider a few of them.
1. He wants his ego massaged constantly
2. He wants to be respected
3. He wants to be satisfied sexually
1. He wants his ego massaged constantly
Never try to crush a man’s ego.
Let me give you a sample. You and your
husband are dining along side another
couple. The other lady goes like, ‘one thing
I like about my husband is that he is so
patient with me, always available to even
help me out in the kitchen most times”
And then, you go like, “You are so lucky!
My own husband? He is so lazy and
behaves like an impatient drone. Rather
than for him to help me out on the
kitchen, he prefers to sit down playing
cards with little kids like a deranged man.
I wish he is like your husband…you are so
lucky o.” This looks like an extreme
example, but anything like this, you have
just finished the man, he would look for
ways to finish you as well, because you
just crushed his ego publicly! A man’s ego
is so important to him that even if you try
crushing it in privacy when you are alone,
he will react immediately, not to talk of
openly. It is not the way to go.
2. Be ready to respect him
If you are a lady, and your song is ‘he
never listens to me,’ I can tell you what is
happening. Somewhere in his mind, he
believes you are disrespectful So any
attempt to make contributions he flares
up! You know why? He sees your
contributions as trying to usurp his
authority and he shuts you down or
ignores you. When you find yourself in this
kind of situation, rather than fight back or
withdraw in frustration, try making
adjustments in how you respect him, even
in your choice of words and tone of voice,
it all matters.
But Pastor, he doesn’t love me, why
should I respect him? The instruction in
Ephesians 5 is not a 50-50 contract. It’s a
100% instruction. You are not to respect
him because he loves you, you are to
submit to him because he is your husband.
The same goes for men, you don’t love
your wife because she respects you, you
are to love her because she is your wife.
When couples starts seeing it this way,
they will be amazed at the changes that
will take place in their marriage!
Now, listen to this, if you are so
independent and you are not ready to
respect and submit to your husband, you
are not ready for marriage! It doesn’t
matter whether you earn more than him or
whether you are more travelled, he
remains the head of the house. There
cannot be two heads in the house, any two
headed creature is a monster. This is how
God instituted it, and that is how it is
going to work.
For singles in courtship, here is what you
need to know. Never ever try disobeying
God in any way because you want to
respect your fiancé. For example, he asks
you to come over and spend the weekend
with him while you are not yet married.
You have every right to disagree on that
because you and I know what that would
lead to.
3. Be ready to satisfy him sexually
Young wives, you need to know that sex in
not a tool for punishment or reward. When
he is nice and has bought something for
you, you cooperate with him. When he has
not been nice, you start singing ‘my head,
my shoulder, my knees, my toes, they all
are paining me! That is not fair! Well, the
scripture admonishes couples, defraud ye
not one another!’ The scripture calls it a
fraud when you deny one another without
genuine reasons! And really, genuine
reasons should only come up once in a
Why is sex so important to men? It is
because of their wiring, it is not their
fault. However, the scripture makes it
clear that sexual relationship should only
be with your spouse, not with a colleague
or somebody you met in a one nightstand
somewhere! The consequences of adultery
are debilitating. It comes with agony and
Protect your marriage by enjoying each
other and never denying each other. For a
lady, it is more than a physical work out, it
is an emotional thing for her, so when she
is hurt, she may not be able to release
herself. This is why it is important to
forgive easily and let go…because you are
still one! It is also why you should treat
your wife gently and be caring!
For the singles, you are not to satisfy
anybody until after marriage. You can put
forth all kind of lame excuses why it
should happen but that is not God’s order.
If you are going to have God’s support,
favour and help in this life, then you had
better do it God’s way. And I really don’t
think anybody wants to live without God’s
support, favour and help in this life. Those
are what would distinguish and make a
difference in your life.
If as a married couple, you are already
involved with adultery or with pre-marital
sex as a single, it is never too late to ask
God for forgiveness and turn around in
your ways. That is how not to delay
yourself or slow yourself down.
Conclusively, you will never be able to
‘insure’ any relationship or ‘keep’ a man
through compromise. Your body is not a
commodity to trade; it is the temple of
the Holy Ghost! Respect your body and
don’t trade it around because God puts a
lot of value on your body and on your



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