She is cheap because she loved you. She is
fat because she gave birth. She is bitter in
heart because she was badly hurt. she is
boring in bed because you killed her
affection. You cheated on her a million
times but she still decided not to walk away.
You treated her like a joke, & she acted like it
was all funny. Don’t judge her choice of life,
without understanding the reasons.
A hurt woman is a very dangerous woman.
she forgives quickly but she doesn’t forget
that easily. She want you to own up your
mistakes, but you choose to ignore her
rhetoric questions. Even in 20 years to come,
she will still remind you that one question
you left pending. Its completely not her fault
to carry on with the past. She is wired that
way. ‘How hard is it to solve issues?’. Her
pain doesn’t heal just like that, but she opt
to live with the burden. She fakes that smile.
She fakes that orgasm. She fakes
everything, just not to kill your Ego. She
weigh the odds but bury the pain under her
Cries at night, but in the morning she acts
like everything is fine. Deep inside she died
decades ago, the intimacy is all gone, her
inner peace is no longer there, she is hurt &
tired of all the drama, tired of being not good
enough, tired of games & tired of life.
Everyone thinks she is happily married but if
only they knew.joke

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