In this post I am going to be revealing 3 major
mistakes guys make that is ruining their chances
of getting the girl they like to like them back.
As a matter of fact; the problem with these
mistakes is that most guys make them and still
don’t know it is the major reason why girls they
like don’t take them seriously. Infact, they think it
is romantic to make these mistakes
I received a lot of messages this week from guys
who have been having the problem of “not been
taken seriously by a girl they like”
That is not a nice feeling, trust me. To like a girl
and not been liked in return can be very
As a matter of fact, if a girl initially likes you and
you behave in these 3 ways I am about to reveal
right now – it will turn her off in an instant.
The messages I got were over a hundred plus…and
guess what?
Every single one of them were doing all these 3
mistakes…all of them.
And so I decided to write about it, at least, to save
them and some other guys out there from falling
into the same pit.
Are you ready?
The three mistakes are these:
1. Chewing Guming.
2. Surrendering
Don’t mind those names; I know they sound silly
*smiles* just Stay with me, I will explain them one
by one.
Find any girl and ask her right now – like, get any
girl in here now and ask her how she regards guys
who behaves in these following ways.
One; If a girl doesn’t reply your messages and you
start sending her messages like:
– “talk to me now”,
– “why are you treating me this way”.
– “Hey, hey. I just sent you a message. Reply
AUTOMATICALLY – she regards you as a pest –
and when a girl starts seeing you this way there is
no way she is going to EVER date you.
Because behaving this way makes her see you as
someone who doesn’t have self worth. She sees
you as a beggar of love and attention and girls
hate guys who beg for attention. It’s just not
manly, it makes you appear like a boy – like a kid.
Two; If you call a girl too much: initially she might
like this but when you keep doing it over and over
again, she starts to loose regard for you.
You need to make her miss you sometimes, bro.
Most guys are guilty of this. They call a girl up and
spend 20 minutes boring the poor girl to death –
they even do it four times a week. Some call a girl
twice every single day, Some even make it a duty
to call up a girl every single day to ask her if she
has eaten and how her day went.
Guy, it’s boring jare. Even if na you sef. Do you
like a girl who is always bugging you and showing
how crazy she is about you? Of course not, you
keep her aside and go for other girls who are more
of a challenge. That’s the same way girls view you
when you do this, as somebody to be kept aside
for Better guys to come in.
No matter how interesting your conversations are,
you need to make your calls sparse. If she is just
a friend; fine – you can call her everytime you
want. But if she is someone you intend to date
then you need to make her miss you sometime,
make her look forward to your calls.
That is how you appear like a boyfriend material.
Keep showing up all the time and she will start
feeling like the only thing you do with your life is
to chase her, next thing she would tell her friends
you don’t have a life.
Three; Asking a girl if she likes you. This one is
another frequent kind of chewing gumming that
most guys do.
This question makes a girl uncomfortable, big time
– especially if she is not yet into you.
The other day this new girl I was seeing showed
me one particular text she got from a “chyker”:
“Why don’t you love me”. The text read. “What
should I do so you will like me?”
The babe laughed at the text with her hands
around me while calling the guy a childish baby.
Now, that pained me. My fellow guy been insulted
by a girl is one thing I don’t like seeing.
When you ask a girl questions like:
– “do you like me?”.
– “why are you treating me this way”
– “I’m I your type?”
– etc
It kills every chances of her ever been interested in
you – EVER
The other day a guy showed up and was on his
knee begging my cousin to date her…the way she
laughed at him when he left was heartbreaking…
Actions like this puts a girl off and makes her look
down on you. And trust me; a girl never dates a
guy she looks down on. Unless you are rich and
she wants to turn you into her maga (even at that,
she will still treat you like trash and channel your
money to another guy she likes)
This is one major mistake most guys make when
it comes to the girls they like and you know what?
This one mistake is the main reason why most
girls turn them down.
If you keep making this mistake girls will either
keep looking down on you or would prefer to be
just friends with you instead of dating you.
Let me make this clearer:
Every girl loves a man; a real man. Someone who
is in control and not someone they can control.
A girl will not see you as a man who is in control
if you keep struggling and trying to impress her all
the time.
It’s cool to try and make an impression on a girl,
be caring on her and all BUT this doesn’t mean
you should become and act like her slave.
Alright; let me give you an example.
Some guys get offended by a girl they like, get
tongue lashed by the girl and still beg her for
forgiveness (even though they were wronged) –
this is not romantic, it’s foolish. And when you act
this way, girls will never feel butterflies with you.
Even if they date you, it would be out of pity – and
bro; that relationship won’t work
That’s just one.
I have seen cases where a guy always tried to
please a girl, giving in to her every request,
basically worshipping her…
…And still he got dumped.
When you surrender your manliness to a woman
and becomes her slave; it will put her off. Yes, she
might like you as a friend but not as a boyfriend –
no woman dates her slave.
You have to project value.
– If a girl makes you angry, tell her – don’t just
smile and act like you like what she did.
Be a man. Be in control. Don’t go around begging
her for love; because you see guys doing it in
movies doesn’t mean it works in real life.
Every girl will tell you they want a guy who
worships them but still, worship them and see how
it goes – worship them and they will tell you that
they like you as a friend but can’t date you.
Look for any pretty girl who has a boyfriend she is
in love with, you will notice that she is the one
always trying to impress the guy and not the other
way round.
Girls love a man who is in control.
There are more mistakes and i can bet all the naira
in my bank account that you are making these
same mistakes with the girls you like, In fact, you
don’t even know that they are mistakes (that is
why it’s even dangerous). You are making these
mistakes and you are thinking it’s romantic but the
fact is that it’s chasing the girls you like away.


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