In Every successful relationship, there are always sacrifices been made.

No matter how tight your schedule might be. If you decide to withdraw these couple of things from your Spouse.. Oh!, Am sorry for you. Your relationship is am sure is about to go the other way round i.e take the fun,joy,etc out of your relationship.

You might be ignorant of most of these but to help you get better, Check them out Below;

You Owe Your Spouse Love:

Yes, everyone knows this because this is most likely the ultimate of any successful relationship. But not everyone practice it to its peak. If you truly love your spouse, then you wont hesitate to give him/her what they really need.

Oh! And i’ve also seen some married couples lock every gadget lockable against their spouse,lol . Of course that raises a lot of suspicion.

You Owe Your Spouse Your Body:

Even The Holy Quran And The Holy Bible equally portray that you dedicate your whole body to your spouse. As a matter of fact, denying your spouse s*x is the ultimate mistake you’ll ever make as a couple expecting a life happily ever after. And before i forget. How promiscuous are you?, Because if you really owe your spouse that body of yours.Then you must take permission before you withdraw your body to another man or woman. Lol. That’s fact o!!

So your office has used you so much that you leave home very early and come back late at night. Infact, you hardly eat  at home as the husband or cook for your husband as the wife because you have no time. Its all about the money.Lol. Your Relationship is at the other side of the river.

You Owe Your Spouse Support;

Regardless of whatever he/she is doing. Your support is always required.  Standing firm beside your spouse every step of the way, cheering  victories and comfort during your defeats works a lot.

You owe your spouse trust;

Without trust, there is no foundation for love or respect. Tracking your spouse anonymously wont help your relationship. Ow! And why do you leave your vehicle outside your compound and sneak into the house. Hehehe..  . Issokay..


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