Recent experience taught me some of the things am about to share and made me resolve that more often than not, relationship goes beyond what most clamor for this days.“It’s not you, it’s me” may be the most common breakup excuse of all time, but what’s the real reason your date suddenly got spooked and hit the relationship “eject” button? Here are some reasons why some relationships abruptly go bust,And this is  straight from the men themselves…
Men and women view relationships differently in many ways. To women, relationships often mean security, future, love, support, etc. To men, relationships (and particularly commitment) often mean responsibility, a lack of freedom, stress, etc. Sometimes it’s amazing that we want relationships at all!Now, in all fairness, men do many of the things in this list too. However, we do these things for different reasons. Likewise, not every woman does any or all of these things — but many do.

Here is a list of some of the most important reasons why we leave them instead of love them. Don’t worry, you’re not alone

1. I’m not ready for a relationship with you: Timing is crucial. Therefore you two do not always want the same things at the same time. Therefore, it is kind of understandable.

2. I’m not physically attracted to you: Bad hygiene constitutes a number of things: bad breath, bad body odor and unkempt dirty hair. If a girl has any of these characters, she is not going to be in a relationship for a long time.

3. You’re a drama queen: every guy wants to date a chilled out girl. Guys hate gossips and girls who bring up unnecessary drama

4. You have bad manners: If you’re late to your first date, it’s just rude! Good manners are a huge indicator of good character. Girls should be chivalrous too. Say “please” and “thank you,” tip well, have good dining etiquette, don’t swear like a trucker, etc. Prove that he can take you home to meet mom and dad.

5. There’s someone else: There really is someone else. Most likely it’s an ex-girlfriend he can’t get over. If this is the case, be glad he dumped you! Don’t be second best to anyone. Do not be the other woman. That is not your place.

6. She always think too much herself and yet she wants to get married.

7. A guy lamented saying she does as if we are competing for something.
8.another one says… she compares me with her ex all the time and i keep wondering whats she doing with me.
9.I felt like I could never measure up to her level of success, and my ego couldn’t handle it

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