Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Dating A Mama’s Girl

Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Dating A Mama’s Girl
For every kid their mother means the world. Many a times, a daughter enjoys being a daddy’s girl and a son being a mamma’s boy. But, a daughter will always be her mother’s first best friend, her partner-in-crime, her shoulder to cry on, shopping soulmate and so much more. Similarly, a mother to her daughter will always remain her first role model, a true best friend, a loving companion and her most trusted confidant.
Right from wanting to be just like her mother, the way she talks, the way she dresses up and just everything is what almost all girls desire. And, not much of this changes once she starts to date. So, this article is a life-saver for those men dating a girl, who is her mamma’s darling diva. We are giving you all the signs you need to be aware of. Well, do not say we did not warn you before!
1. She will tell her mother everything about you two
Your love life, your arguments, your date details and or just anything that you tell her automatically gets to her mother’s ear. Talk about no privacy!
2. Her mom might accompany you on most of your dates
Because she will always feel that she is leaving her mom behind and enjoying alone. And, getting her mother along is no big deal for her. Already missing the alone time much?
3. Decision-making process starts and ends with her mother
Because, what mommy says is the done thing. Your thoughts on a particular thing may or may not matter.
4. You are expected to love her mom even more than her
How can you not? Her mother is the only person who is so important to her. So, whether you like it or not, you need to shower your affection on mommy dearest too!
5. She is just like her mother, deal with it buddy!
Didn’t we just mention how she wants to be like her mom in every way? That is life dude!
6. She is a family-oriented girl!
Loving her mother immensely means she has strong family values and a deep bond with the family members too. So, you need to love her family truly as well, before taking your relationship ahead.
7. During tough times her mom will be there for her way before you. If you thought you could show her how caring and romantic you are by staying in with her, while she is unwell, forget it buddy! Her mom will already be with her taking care of her baby.
#8. She might want kids soon after marriage
Loving her mother to the core will automatically crop the feeling of being a mom, probably of lots of kids (or at least two). Ready for diaper changing already, my friend?
9. She will put your call on hold indefinitely for her mom
Even if it is a matter of life and death that you are talking about, it can wait until she finds out what her mom is calling for. And also, be prepared to be on call waiting for eternity, if she happens to be talking to her mother.
10. She is an opinionated woman, but can be influenced by her mother
She knows what is good or bad for her and is a smart, confident and independent woman. Even then she can be easily influenced by her mother, which may not be a very healthy sign for your relationship in the long run.
Well, these are just a few signs that your girl might be a mama’s darling. But, if you two really love each other and are destined to be together, nothing can ever harm your bond.


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