Things every woman should know about S*x and relationships
What do you know about men, sex, and how to handle both in a relationship?
It is easy to think you know it all, but if asked, the average woman’s perspective would be “they are all the same,” “all they want is sex” and end with something like “they are never faithful.”
But there are actually a lot every woman needs to know, things not readily learnt from mama’s words.
A man’s erection does not mean he is awesomely attracted to you. He may actually just want the sexual experience your body or the situation offers, not you in particular.
Most men find an enthusiastic/active sex partner more rewarding that one with all the body asserts. So, try to be enthusiastic, whether fake or real, and he’ll have a great experience. If you’re not interested and don’t want to fake, just say NO.
An orgasm is an orgasm, whether gotten by masturbation, penile penetration or any other means. The feeling is the same, only your head and false opinions make it seem different.
If you want a man who seems not to be interested in you, go for it. Why? Many men don’t notice a woman’s signals of social or sexual interest so you may need to go ‘wilder’ to get your message across.
Some men actually give oral sex without expecting it in return, so you should not be obliged to return the favor. Still, sex is about giving and taking, so returning the favor is awesome.
During menstruation, you can use a diaphragm to hold back the flow for an hour or two and save yourself from messy sex.
You can never really know if what you have with a man is love or mere sexual interest/infatuation until after some time and activities have passed.
Even men have insecurities about their body so you should not get worried about yours. It will be better for you both if you are bold about your ‘flaws’ and help him appreciate his.
Your hygiene levels determine largely how far a man will be willing to go with you when it comes to sex, especially with regards to foreplay and oral sex. Odour around the genitalia is a NO-NO. Eliminate them, by all means!
In conclusion, it must be noted that the average man does not want to be cornered into making a relationship more permanent a la commitment.
If you call frequently for example, you can ask that he returns the favor, same for visiting, exchanging gifts etc…


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