Most of the time, a partner’s selfishness can disrupt the loving trending mood in the relationship.

Every relationship requires the partners involved to make a sacrifice.

Here is what they do.

  1. They have a vision for their relationship. Why are both of you coming together.
  2. They show each other respect. There is a mutual reverence for each other’s opinion and lifestyle.
  3. They understand their differences and make the best out of it. They understand that their differences are meant to strengthen their relationship and not to tear them apart.
  4. They share stuff with each other truthfully and respectfully.
  5. They know that there will be challenges in the relationship, and they work out how to solve them.
  6. They do not assume to understand each other. They ask honest questions about each other’s wants, desires and feelings.
  7. They communicate respectfully and constantly.
  8. They let go of any grudge they have against each other.
  9. They understand that they do not have to win a disagreement all the time.
  10. They understand that disagreements will arise, and they should not lead to fights.
  11. They see each other as a team.
  12. They have a plan for their finances and children.
  13. They encourage each other to be the best at what they do.
  14. They speak motivating and encouraging words to each other.
  15. They are quick to apologise to each other.
  16. Their friendship is more important to them than assuming relationship roles.
  17. They show affection to each other.
  18. They see sex as an avenue to bond with each other, and not a recreational activity or a bargaining or manipulating tool.
  19. They give each other some personal space. They understand that they can enjoy personal time alone. These people know that you do not lose your identity, hobbies etc. because you are in a relationship.
  20. They know that any void in their life cannot be filled by their partner. The truth is that you owe yourself the duty to be happy. It is not your partner’s duty.


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