When i was a child, i was taught that it was out of man’s loneliness that God created woman, but i am saying its far beyond that. The bible makes us to understand that God is the beginning and the end, in other words, God who created man, foresaw his future, having seen his abilities and capabilities, then he sat down, took his jotter, jotted down all the man’s lapses and took his time, reshaped woman, re-organised her, gave her a stronger heart, more strength and a redefined goal. That’s why you can see women are different shape from men, more organised, strong in the heart that enables them to endure more than men, a different goal and strength.

Is there anybody who want to question what i meant by strength? Yes i repeat, women have more sustainable strength than men. Do you want to know to how?

Now hear this; 99.9% of men who went into labour room with their wives, never wished to experience such again. I have never experienced such myself and i never wish to, but this is based on the experiences of my friends and relatives.

Moreover some years back, i read an article on how men swallow hard drugs, cocain, herion etc and most of them cry like babies when trying to remove it through defecation because of the pains. Now compare the pains with that of a baby’s head and shoulder coming out from someone’s body. Having said all these, you will understand from all i have mentioned above that woman are the most important creations of God. Even though, she came last after man, but her coming was for good and ofcourse bad.

You know one thing i have come to understand is that, everything God pronounced to take effect was done out of His clean and sincere heart, without minding whether the thing/person may discover other gifts hidden inside and use it against His people. In every human being, there is good and bad living inside of us, the one we release, controls us and that automatically defines who we are.

Some men are of the opinion that, it was woman that brought pains and suffering to man, but to me, i only saw the woman’s action as an act to exercise the gift given to her by God, and that never stops the man from also putting his own gift into action and am sure that would have limited some of her antics, the “mumu” in man be-clouded him, thats why God was more visibly angry with him more than the woman.

Now To The Main Subject.

This part of the world made us (men) grow with this debious and oppressive mentality that woman should be subjected to us. After all, the man works hard to earn a living, makes money and goes to someone’s house and pays the bride price on a girl’s head with other listed items as tradition demands. You see, people like my father did to our inlaw when he came for my sister, he said, he was not selling his daughter and refunded her husband the sum #19,800, out of 20k he brought. But my question was, why didn’t he talk to the community people to reduce the demand on other items the man came with?

Therefore I believe that it was not the money paid for your head as a woman that provokes men, but the money spent on other things that was so unnecessary and shouldn’t be a must. Tradition, policies and rules were made by someone and we should not be waiting for the ancestors to come and amend it for us. It should be amended as the world revolves. So we men of these days shouldn’t be blamed with some of our military attitudes towards women, it was not our fault. Our culture and life styles are what we met, except few for a few of us, who say no to the Africa ways of reasoning in preferences to the some westerners world that honour women.

But even with such oppressive mentality, you women still posses powers to withstand the most mundane culture like the Aba women did. Let me tell you this, the man can be the script writer of his relationship, the director who shares the roles each lady plays in his life, but once he becomes so fortunate and unfortunate to take a woman to the alter of God and you say “i doIMG_20150221_185646


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