“When he (the rejected guy) started crying,” A lady will say “all I could do was laugh at him because he was trying to play on my sympathies.” Big boys don’t cry…broken ones do. She might have said no, or that she is seeing someone or even that she is even if she were single, she wouldn’t date if you were the last man the planet, but please, never cry, at least not in front of
It is actually the most silly thing one could do to win a woman’s heart. Why? Women need to have a feeling of masculine protection when they have a man. Now imagine what she thinks he would do if say both of them were being robbed? Cry?
2)Faking an accent
Now, a normal man would laugh his ribs to pieces on seeing another faking an accent. Put yourself in the shoes of the girl you are trying to please. Silly,
huh? It may actually work (if he is good) on the first encounter. But like a missing tooth, one cannot hide it forever. “It makes the man look like a clown. Even when he is saying something serious, he will look silly. Though the fairer sex are masters in this art, the men who pull this off risk being comedians. They are paid to act silly, aren’t they?

This is funny to some extent. It is comic when the guy is in the girl’s circles. First, it shows the coward in him, and that he is a cling-on. How does one keep following a girl he probably is sure to meet at least once a week? It may be love, but it is not sensible.
It gets criminal when the girl does not even know the guy who is stalking her. “It was funny at first when he used to chase the taxis I boarded,” a lady says, adding, “but it got serious when he started knocking at my dad’s gate!” Stalking is an unwritten “No-no” for any guy interested whatsoever in someone of the opposite sex.

4)Borrowing things to impress “Borrow borrow never fits…” the nursery rhyme goes. The best part of that song is that it is true. Men keep on borrowing things to show ladies that they are the next wealthy prospect.However much one goes through all those pains just to prove himself, it is silly because in essence you are making the woman fall for a different person. Those who are in university are more prone to borrowing so that they can impress the fairer sex.
University going babe recalls an incident in which a man borrowed an entire room to host her. What failed the boy was trying to operate the
fridge. He didn’t know where the power switch was!“It was then that I smelt a rat and checked the photo frames only to find the real owners pictures hidden right behind his! It was downright silly of him,” she remarks.
5)Denying your home, friends, for her This is the worst of the silly actions a man can do to impress a lady. It turn out not just unimpressive, but also puts one off the list of the lady’s prospects if one ever was there. There is practically nothing funny about this except that it is silly. “If he can deny his own family for you,” a mother, argues, “that means he can deny you when you have married and he is interested in someone else!”Guys,you have done one of these silly things listed at a point in time, no lie,

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